The Adventure Begins!

Tomorrow I am starting on an adventure that is another bucket list item that I hope to cross off during my retirement.  Along with my friend, fellow photographer, and travel buddy Kathy (aka K) I am off on an African Photo Safari to Tanzania, where the Great Migration is going on in the Serengeti.  I will try to blog daily (or whenever possible) with words and photos, to share my adventures with my friends and families. Please do not call or text me, as my phone will be basically useless, or very expensive if I use it.  However, through this blog and Facebook, I hope to stay in touch, so feel free to comment.

Joan will be helping to share this blog at home, as she would rather stab her eyeballs out with an icepick than go on a photography trip with me, which is very understandable for a non-photographer.

Until next time…..the adventure begins!!!

6 thoughts on “The Adventure Begins!

  1. Hi k2. Glad to see you are following. Today we are working on the blog and picking some photos to include. Tomorrow begins the animal photo adventure. K


  2. What a great adventure! A photographer’s dream. Just make sure you take time to look around and enjoy the scenes, motions, and smells. Not everything conforms to a photo or fits in the composition!


  3. Hey Kathy! I am thrilled you are getting to do this! It’s also on my bucket list! Next photo trip you want to do, call me! This is totally my cup of tea! Enjoy and tell the animals jambo from me!


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